Quick Treats for Celiac Kids

Quick Treats for Celiac Kids


Children become hungry fast, and so most parents find it necessary to keep an updated repertoire of quick treats for celiac kids. The two most important qualities of effective celiac snacks is that they be quick to prepare and entirely gluten-free. Fortunately, there are many natural foods that can effectively exemplify these standards while remaining both healthy and delicious.

Dried Fruit


Dried fruits are amongst the simplest of quick treats for celiac kids. In order to maximize the health-properties of dried fruit, you'll want to check product labels to ensure your purchase is free of additives and preservatives, even added sugar. Dehydrated fruit possesses an inherently high content of natural sugars. Also, adding nuts to a handful of dried fruit can make for a fun and easy trail mix!

French Fries


French fries can be fairly easy to prepare or pick up at restaurants. The home-fried variety will be typically healthier than those available at fast food chains, provided you fry your potatoes in unrefined oils and keep the skins intact. You will also want to ensure your ketchup brand is gluten-free.

Rice Crackers and Hummus


If you are seeking more filling gluten-free treats, rice crackers and hummus can pack a powerful protein and carbohydrate punch. Both items are fairly easy to find in most supermarkets. Moreover, this starchy little snack can double as a swift lunch.

Fresh Fruit and Yogurt Smoothies


A yogurt and fruit smoothie will provide your child with both protein and a hearty dose of vitamins and antioxidants. Don't forget that yogurt, particularly the unflavored variety, contains important live probiotic cultures. Studies have shown such beneficial microorganisms can even boost the immune system.



Chocolate is usually a favorite treat of children, but beware, many commercial brands add ingredients such as "natural flavors". These nebulous ingredients may contain gluten. Purchasing more pure varieties of chocolate from health food stores will help to ensure your chocolate does not contain gluten.

Ice Cream


What child doesn't love ice cream? Unfortunately, you'll need to employ the same careful label-scrutiny as you would with chocolate. Some ice cream flavors contain hidden sources of gluten, though "vanilla" flavors tend to be more pure. Adding chopped almonds, walnuts, and fresh berries can help to boost the nutrient value of this treat.

Instituting Variety


It's important to institute a wide variety of foods when compiling your quick treats for celiac kids. Children suffering from gluten intolerance may sometimes feel isolated from their peers and mealtimes can often exacerbate such feelings. Finding ways to incorporate more standard items into your child's gluten-free repertoire can help your child happily adjust to his unique lifestyle.

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Quick Treats for Celiac Kids