GFCF Diet Warnings

You'll need an alternative calcium source.

The GFCF diet warnings are very similar to those that accompany any drastic dietary change. However, it is completely possible to maintain a healthy and nutritionally packed lifestyle while avoiding both casein and gluten.

About GFCF Diet Warnings

Some nutritionists and medical professionals may express concern regarding a diet that excludes both cow dairy products and most grains, claiming that these food groups contain essential nutrients. It is true that both dairy products and grains contain nutritional elements such as calcium, magnesium, B-vitamins, and many others, but it is false to assume these nutrients cannot be found in foods that do not contain either gluten or dairy. Moreover, it is important to examine these foods in full to determine whether or not they are healthy in the first place.

The Dairy Controversy

Japanese women do not consume cow dairy products regularly, whereas the average American woman has a diet quite heavy in dairy. So do Japanese women display symptoms of calcium deficiency across the board, perhaps, resulting in conditions like osteoporosis? Interestingly enough, research indicates Japanese women have very low occurrences of osteoporosis. In fact, their rates are far lower than those of the dairy laden American women. documents these findings thoroughly. You can also learn more about the dairy/osteoporosis controversy at The excessive calcium consumption that occurs through the regular ingestion of pasteurized milk products seems to do more harm than good over time, which is why individuals attempting a GFCF diet need not be afraid of eliminating cow milk from their daily routine.

Since the GFCF diet is often used as a prescription for autism, it is interesting to note that pasteurized milk has been named a culprit in aggravating autistic conditions. However, raw dairy products have been shown to have the opposite effect, and some doctors are advocating the use of raw dairy as a prescription for autism.

Goat's milk does not contain casein. Instead, it provides a much smaller protein molecule similar to the size of the protein in human breast milk. Nonetheless, most goat milk products are pasteurized which may yield similar problems as pasteurized cow milk. If you're looking to supplement your diet with calcium while avoiding dairy altogether you should eat a diet that is high in almonds, figs, salmon (with bones), fortified rice and soymilks, and green vegetables. Green vegetables are a good source of calcium, but you will need to eat a lot of them to maintain healthy levels. Juicing vegetables like broccoli, kale, and dandelion greens is a solid way to extract high levels of nutrients while setting aside the pounds of fiber that would leave you feeling much too full.

Eliminating Grains

B-vitamins are found in many vegetables as well as in non-glutinous grains like brown rice. So, eliminating glutinous grains from your diet won't have too much of an effect on your body, if you are regularly consuming whole grain rice varieties and plenty of fresh vegetables. However, grains are a good source of insoluble fiber, and individuals who suddenly swear off grains may find their digestive system grows a little sluggish. Rice is a very binding food within the intestinal tract and so it may not have the same bulking and laxative effect as unprocessed whole grains. Hence, nuts are an excellent way to supplement your body with insoluble fiber, as are many fruits and vegetables such as broccoli and oranges.


The Whole Foods Philosophy

Since many people attempt to survive through diets that contain large amounts of processed grains and dairy products, there is no reason to assume these people (who consume both casein and gluten regularly) are any healthier than an individual who lives on whole foods, but shuns dairy and gluten-containing grains. Any person who is striving to eat a balanced diet consisting of foods, mostly in their whole unprocessed form, will be giving his body the fuel it needs to perform optimally. The key to allaying GFCF diet warnings is to eat a balanced diet that contains a variety of foods such that your system is receiving a broad array of nutrients. Secondly, try and eat these foods in a form as close to their natural state as possible. Most starches will need cooking, as will meat and poultry, but when possible, it is a valuable endeavor to eat many raw fruits and vegetables such that the nutrients available in these foods remain intact.

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GFCF Diet Warnings