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Article Highlight: How Many Celiacs Are in the United States?

Celiac disease in the United States might be more common than you think. Estimates suggest the rate in the United States is about 1 percent, but there is some debate as to that number due to undiagnosed or misdiagnosed… Keep reading »

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Stomach Pain

Celiac disease is a digestive malady that interferes with the absorption of nutrients and damages the small intestine. If you've recently been diagnosed with celiac, or you're wondering whether or not you may have this disease, the articles within LoveToKnow Gluten Free can be a source of answers and information for you.

Symptoms and Diagnostics

The symptoms of celiac disease differ from person to person, and so can the diagnostic methods your doctor may use. LoveToKnow Gluten Free articles have the information you need about these issues, such as:

  • Symptoms: Symptoms are largely confined to the intestines, but you may see different types of symptoms in infants.
  • Presentation: Celiac doesn't present exactly the same for everyone, with some people suffering from atypical varieties.
  • Deficiencies: Celiac often leads to malabsorption, which can in turn lead to deficiencies in certain nutrients, such as magnesium.
  • Diagnosis: A simple blood test may be all that's needed to diagnose celiac in some individuals; others may require more invasive tests, like biopsies.

Helpful Information

Sometimes a person struggling with celiac disease may wonder if other problems or symptoms they are having are related. Other times, they may wonder if a mineral or supplement can help. Get answers on tough questions like these, such as:

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With the wealth of information available from the writers and editors at LoveToKnow Gluten Free, you'll be sure to find the answers you need. Get the knowledge to make the most informed decisions and learn how to best manage your illness.

Celiac Disease