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Article Highlight: List of Restaurants Serving Gluten-Free Food

The rise in patrons requiring gluten-free menu options has driven many sit-down restaurants to feature a good selection of safe meal choices. Many fast food restaurants have jumped on board, but if you're looking… Keep reading »

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Gluten free fish, quinoa and sorrel leaves

Knowing what it's okay to eat when you need to avoid gluten can be quite challenging. LoveToKnow Gluten is designed to be a go-to resource for people who can't eat gluten - or who choose to avoid it. When you need information about foods that meet the requirements of your diet, this site is a trusted resource where you can find what you are looking for.

Making Gluten-Free Food Choices

Choosing the right foods doesn't have to be difficult when you use this website to help research your options. Whether you're dining out or making food at home, you've got lots of choices for healthy, gluten-free foods.

Finding the Best Options

Whether you are looking for diet plans that are consistent with your needs or you just want to review a list of gluten-free foods, you'll find the facts you need here. Get answers to pressing questions like these:

Considerations for Dining Out

Eating out can be even more challenging than going to the supermarket. Learn about restaurants that serve foods that meet your dietary restrictions, and find out what fast food options are safe to eat.

A Resource You Can Rely On

The editorial team is always working on bringing readers new information about gluten-free foods. Visit the site often, as you'll likely find updated information every time you come back.

Gluten-Free Foods